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I have stood in the middle of the pitch facing some of the toughest bowlers. I have sat in the commentary box watching champions create history. I have coached the best talent to be better than the best. I have seen victory and defeat, hope and fear, the glamour and the grind. Through my decades on and off the pitch, I've realised that the only thing that sets a champion apart from the rest is not their natural talent or their technique. They all fade away. What continues to matter is one single question - how determined are they to go the extra yard. Everyone can go up to 22 yards. But it’s the individual who chooses to go the 23rd yard is the one who becomes the champion of champions.

23 yards is my humble endeavour to give back what I have received from you all - the inspiration to go the extra yard. It’s my dream to embark on a new innings with you and inspire each other to become champion of champions together.

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Why grooming


How we feel about ourselves determines who we think we are, how we project ourselves and who we eventually become. Champions understand this. They groom themselves consciously by choosing products that make their skin look great, and make them feel like a winner. Products that spark their ambition to be the best. For all those who aspire to be a champion, we provide a range of essential and grooming products - only clean, sustainable and environment friendly. No additional chemicals. Because champions don't need them to get there. Right?


A champion of champion in truth stands on the back of other champions. A champion is never alone - it s always supported by a team of talented professionals of multitude of skill sets - together they make the difference. 23 yards is supported by the best ethical personal care manufacturer in the Industry. The 50+ old Ador Multiproducts serve to deliver our grooming and personal care vision, ensuring we deliver highest quality products in a safe and sustainable way. They've been serving you through the lens of many of India's leading brands as lead manufacturers. We and you are in good company.

SAFE INGREDIENTS: Good for you and the environment!

Champions know every single detail matters. The food we eat, how we manage our energy, our thoughts all matter. Similarly, the products we chose to use matter to us and the impact on the environment around us. Champions don't need to win by using artificial enhancers and chemicals - they play fair. 23 yards products are built with safe Ingredients good for you and the environment. No parabens, toxins or harmful ingredients - natural like you and the planet. Looking after each other matters.

Giving back

GIVING BACK: Better Together

Champions don't aspire to achieve success just for themselves. They believe in giving back to people who make them who they are. We at 23 Yards are committed to stand by every champion in the making and the many others who make our lives easy. Which is why, for every product sold we'll donate a sanitiser to groups that need it the most - the police, government hospitals and other deserving academies.

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Good for you and the environment.

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