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23 Yards hand sanitizer is really cool & useful

I just love 23 Yards hand sanitizer because of it's premium quality & quantity.

23 Yards body wash is just awesome & value for money.

I'm using 23 Yards body wash almost 4 months & it's really awesome & fantastic. It keeps My skin smooth & nourishes very well.


This is one of the best and affordable pre shave product I have had my hands on


Helps in achieving a smooth shave. Toooo goood

Too good

I purchased their beard wash and this after shave lotion. Both are fantastic products.


This gets the job done really well. It has this amazing fragrance that everybody around me loves.

Keep your beard clean all day

One wash works like a charm for my beard

no more itchiness

if you struggle to keep your beard clean like i do, this is the product for you friends!

Everything you look for in a shaving gel

Moisturising, cooling formula and worth the price. Win win!

Soothing and moisturising

I got this a while back and i am hooked! I look forward to shaving to use this now

Gentle on the skin

This after shave lotion is so gentle and has a cooling effect on the skin

Does not irritate the skin

If you want a great shave and a smooth feeling after, this is the product for you!

Best after shave lotion

I've been shaving for years, but i just came across the 23 yards one. It is the best one I've used so far

Good price point

This product is a steal at the price it comes for. worth every penny

Effective and nourishing

This beard oil has magical results. Really worked well for me

Promotes hair growth

This beard oil is great to promote hair growth if you actually have facial hair.

Great purchase

Will order again soon. Good product


The best sanitiser to use on the go!!!

Super handy

This hand sanitiser is super handy and portable. I carry it everywhere I go

Does not dry out the hands

As we continue to keep sanitising, most sanitisers dry the hands out. This one has a great moisturising formula

Good smell

This sanitiser not only protects you, but also has a great smell after that. Will purchase again

Protects well

When i read that this sanitiser has 72% Alchohol I knew it would help me be safe and protect myself from viruses and germs

Good fragrance

Love the smell. very refreshing

Great gift

I bought this for my brother who is a great fan of Sir Ravi Shastri. He absolutely loves it

Amazing body wash

This body wash is great, lathers easily and cleans well

Safe & Natural Ingredients

Good for you and the environment.

Honestly Priced

Affordable to All

Fast Delivery

Arrives at your doorstep

Friendly Support

Helpful and caring team

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